The PTSO raises funds to pay for Student Planners, provide Tappan T-shirts to all incoming 6th grade students, and to sponsor the Tappan Garden and events such as the 8th grade promotion celebration. The PTSO also funds grants to teachers and staff to help replace district funding which has been reduced in recent years. Grants have been given to purchase classroom technology such as headphones, cameras, and Nook tablets; subscribe to educational magazines and websites; replace old gym equipment; host guest musicians; purchase tickets to attend theater performances; and to renew Media Center reference materials

We appreciate your family's participation in the following fundraising activities!


Donations are welcome. Monetary contributions to the PTSO help underwrite PTSO activities and reduce the amount of fundraising that is necessary to maintain our programs. Donations are tax-deductible. You can donate online or write a check to Tappan PTSO and submit it to the school, attention Tappan PTSO.

School Store

The Tappan School Store, located on the first floor near the cafeteria, is after school on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:07 pm until about 3:30 pm. The store sells a variety of snacks and drinks. Profits from sales go to the PTSO. Volunteer for School Store

PTO Thrift Shop

Each year we participate in the the Support Your School (SYS) fundraisers at the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop. You contribute money simply by shopping there on the day assigned to Tappan!

Here is how it works: Each school is assigned their own Saturday during the school year to promote the shop. The more you promote your Saturday, the more you’ll earn. That’s all you need to do! No tokens, no ad to bring in, and no need to mention anything to our cashiers. A2PTO Thrift Shop will payout 10% of the sales for that day to the school represented. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the shop needs to close on the school specific Saturday, our school will receive a payout of $500. 

We will promote the Tappan assigned date throughout the year but you can also find it by looking for the “SYS Schedule” on the A2PTO Thrift Shop site, typically by visiting the Fundraising Activities page

The PTO Thrift Shop is a great way to give to our schools - you can shop and donate your used items, all the while giving to your child's education.

Arbor Farms Market

It's super easy to support Tappan when you shop at Arbor Farms Market! Just tell the cashier you would like the scrip credit for your purchase to go to Tappan Middle School.  Arbor Farms donates 3% of the purchase to Tappan.


Provide your Busch’s MyWay phone number or key tag at the register and receive credit. It's that easy!  Sign into your MyWay account at and select “Cash for Education” from the drop down menu underneath your name to add your organization selections. (Don’t have a MyWay account? Sign up at Choose the  Tappan PTSO to support for each quarter. Participants will be required to re-enroll on an annual basis.  Reminder: You must have a valid email address and opt-in to receive emails to participate in this program. You can check this information under My Account > Account Overview when logged into MyWay. Busch's will contribute up to the Tappan PTSO based on our percentage of the total participants’ spending. Busch’s limits a participating organization’s earned rewards to a maximum of $5,000 quarterly and a participant can raise up to $300 quarterly.

Kroger Community Rewards

Register your Kroger Plus Card online at Click the Create an Account button.  Tappan PTSO is organization #82395. Don't have a Kroger Plus Card? You can get one at the Kroger Customer Service Desk. Cards must be re-registered annually in May. Kroger will donate to the PTSO based on our percentage of the total participants’ spending.