Tappan Players

In 2013 the Tappan Players presented

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Group Leader: Supervise/chaperone a group of 15-25 students. Assist teen-leaders with instructing group songs, costumes and dances. Must arrive 15 minutes before rehearsals. Two group leaders per group per night throughout entire play schedule.

Crew Managers: Assist Set Designer with ideas (need creative type to bounce ideas off of, however, every crew manager does not have to have this skill). Purchase materials when needed. Work with adult leaders/middle school kids in creating sets/scenery. Communicate to the crew leaders, parents of crew kids regarding plans. Must attend all build days, paint day, set strike and will come early to set-up (schedule conflicts covered by each other).

Crew Leader(s): Volunteers are assigned to a specific team A, B, or C and will work build days, set strike and one evening per week. Responsible for helping to oversee students as they work. Encourage students to paint, build, create--whatever needs to be done. Make sure clean up is appropriately done when they work.

Lighting Director: Works in conjunction with Technical Director and Lighting Crew to design and implement stage lighting needs.

Audio Visual Manager: Help provide Live-Feed into the classrooms for the show through Skype or some other method. This is a new position and requires innovation & resourcefulness.

Build Days Manager: One person who can build and manage others at all the build sessions. Work with Scenic Design Manager ahead of the build days to the goals/vision. Schedule set build days are: Sunday, Feb. 10th, March 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 16th.

Build Days Workers: 10-15 Volunteers needed each day. Most must be handy & strong; bring own tools and build designs. Also need a few creative types to work on painting and light duty tasks. The first build day we will be making and hauling large pieces. The entire platform has to come from the basement and be reconstructed. Set-build days are: Sunday, Feb. 10th, March 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th and 16th.

Paint Day Worker: Paint and touch up work on all play scenes. Ideally, the creative kids, who love to paint, bring their parents and they work together. Set-build days are: Sunday, Feb. 10th, March 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, and 17th.

Make-up: Someone familiar with theatrical make-up, talk with all Tappan Player groups the week before dress rehearsals, communicate with all Group Leaders regarding the make up for the play. Visit each group during dress rehearsals and show week to consult and help with makeup. Must be available to work 2 out of 3 show dates.

T-Shirt Coordinator: Work with Tappan Players students for a t-shirt design; coordinate the t-shirt order, placing the order, distribution, etc.

Video Production Manager: Video tape the production and provide a professional level video. This could include interviews with actors, photographs, etc. DVDs will be provided to all 150 cast and crew members after Sunday performance.

Photographer: Take pictures throughout rehearsals and show dates, post photos on website and at Tappan. Work with Video Production Manager and Program team to ensure that photographs (with children’s names attached) are included in both.

Ushering Manager: Organizing and coordinate crew members and volunteer ushers during show dates. Must be available to work 2 out of the 3 show dates.

Ushering: Help usher audience during shows, give out programs and take tickets. Assist with keeping groups QUIET as they enter auditorium from back doors. Must be available to work 2 out of 3 shows.

Concessions Manager: Organize, purchase and set up concessions, organize and coordinate volunteers and crew members to sell during shows, etc.

Concessions Helper: Help during show dates with concession sales. Must be available to work 2 out of 3 shows.

Ticket Sales Help: Coordinate sales on show dates. Must be available to work 2 out of 3 show dates.

Catering Manager for Dress Rehearsals / Show : Coordinate food and volunteers for full dress rehearsals Mon-Thurs and Friday night show (March 18-22nd), preparation for this needs to start early to hopefully get some of the meals donated. Set-up and clean-up.

Catering Helper Dress Rehearsal / Show: Serve food to all cast and crew Mon-Thurs and Friday March 18-22nd, preparation for this needs to start early to hopefully get some of the meals donated. Set-up and clean-up. Coordinate with Treasurer to stay within production budget.

Cast Party Coordinator: Coordinate cast party on Sunday, March 24th, 2013 at 4pm-6pm. This job entails organizing volunteers, food, music/ activity, set up, clean up and is typically a 2 hour event.

Cast Party Volunteer: help facilitate cast party on Sunday, March 24th, 2013. Set up, clean up, and/ or chaperone.

Hall Helpers: 2-3 volunteers needed during show dates to maintain order in the halls. (must be available 2 out of 3 shows and tech week).

Runner: Work with the stage manager to ensure that groups and individuals know when are on stage. Must be familiar with the show prior to tech week. Must be available 2 out of 3 shows and tech week.

Costume Sewing & Cleaning: Washing or dry cleaning costumes after show. Some ironing or cleaning prior to show may be needed. Perform minor sewing repairs (e.g., sew on a button, making accessories, assist group with costume racks, labeling clothing.

Rehearsal Monitor: Must be willing to open building and classrooms ½ hour before rehearsal starts and close classrooms after rehearsal is completed. Must be dependable and detail oriented. Job will be shared among 4 people.

Props Manager: Must be willing to locate, borrow or purchase props to be used in the show as well as return them after show is completed. Will have a small team to assist.

Props Team: Assist Props Manager with locating and borrowing props.


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