The Tappan PTSO is volunteer-powered.  Whether it's your youngest child's last year at Tappan or your only child's first year at Tappan, get involved!  Express your interests by completing the 2018-2019 online volunteer form.  For more information about the volunteer duties please see the Fundraising page.

Dear Tappan Parents -  Volunteer Opportunities for You!

Help the PTSO - volunteer to do some PTSO tasks.  You can pair up with a friend or two to share the load.  Know a parent of a new 6th grader who might be interested in helping?  How about a veteran 7th or 8th grader?  They are welcome to volunteer as well!  Please contact Jenn Monk-Reising at jmonkreising@gmail.com with questions and to volunteer.

Positions Available for the 2018-2019 School Year

We need volunteers for the school store!
The Tappan School Store is open Tuesdays and Thursdays for approximately 15-20 minutes after school for kids to grab a quick beverage/snack before getting on buses or heading to athletic practices. Two (2) volunteers are needed every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:55pm to approximately 3:30pm. We need one more person for the following dates: 10/25, 10/30, 11/1 (2 people!!), 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 11/29, 12/4, 12/6, 12/11, 12/13, 12/18, & 12/20. Sign up at Tappan School Store Volunteer Sign Up. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Patty Kracht at krachtfamily@gmail.com or Kelly Ceccacci at kellyceccacci@yahoo.com.

School Garden Help Needed!

Now that Jack Frost has made an appearance, it is time for fall garden clean up! We still need parent volunteers during advisory times on Thursdays and Fridays until the end of the month. If you can lend some time to this important task, sign up here:
If you are unable to help during advisory times, but you would like to help out in general, please contact Cara Lauzzana at caralauzzana@hotmail.com. Thank you!